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Ensemble Pampinea

Early Music Young Ensemble Competition 2022

Ensemble Pampinea

Fiona Kizzie Lee, Maruša Brezavšček and Vojtěch Jakl

Upcoming performances

November 8th 19:00
50th London International Early Music Festival
St Michael & All Angels Church, Blackheath, UK
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"LIFEM's young ensemble competition was deservedly won by Basel-based trio Ensemble Pampinea. The judges not only praised their musicianship but applauded their ability to engage with their audience. One of their prizes is a full concert at next year's festival - I can't wait to hear it.“
Review from the Greenwich visitor by Miles Hedley, Nov 2022

The musicians of Ensemble Pampinea met one another during their studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Here they had the opportunity to explore the extensive repertoire of medieval music and to learn about the possibilities of a colourful arrangement through the use of various historical instruments. The trio plays recorder, fiddle, pipe and tabor, double recorder as well as organetto. With the programme entitled "Fortuna, will you spare us?", the ensemble presents the repertoire of Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior in a charming interaction with the audience, who decide the fates of the concert. Their programme "Decameron" is inspired by Boccaccio's novel and presents Florentine composers from the Trecento period. 

Fiona Kizzie Lee, Maruša Brezavšček and Vojtěch Jakl are prize winners in the early music scene. Their musical achievement is enhanced by the musicological research of Fiona Kizzie Lee, who is currently writing her doctoral thesis in musicology at the University of Zurich. In September 2022, Ensemble Pampinea won First Prize in the LIFEM (London International Festival for Early Music) competition for young ensembles and has been invited to present a concert there in November 2023. The Ensemble was also finalist to Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci 2023 and semi-finalist to Internationaal Van Wassenaer Concours 2023. 



I'o perduto by Donato da Firenze
Maruša Brezavšček (recorder)

Fiona Kizzie Lee (organetto)

Fugite gianni bacco by Andrea da Firenze (d. c1415)
Maruša Brezavšček and Fiona Kizzie Lee (recorders)

Ghaetta [GB-Lbl Add. MS 29987]
Fiona Kizzie Lee (organetto)
Maruša Brezavšček (recorder)

Saltarello [GB-Lbl Add. 29987]
Maruša Brezavšček (recorder)
Fiona Kizzie Lee (tabor)

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