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Duo PortaLauta

Fiona Kizzie Lee & Asako Ueda


PortaLauta – Porta for Portatifer (Organetto player)

and Lauta for Lautenslaher (Lute player)

Upcoming concert

June 9, 2024 15:00    Havezate Herinckhave,  

Herinckhaveweg 6, Fleringen, Netherlands

Duo PortaLauta with Julia Marty

Ecco la primavera

Chansons over (on)deugdzame jonkvrouwen in de lente en bleke gezichten van kwijnende ridders

Link: Kasteel concerten in Gelderland en Overijssel 


A combination rarely found in the musical scene nowadays, this Duo was in fact well-loved by German princes and city governments in the late medieval times. More than several occasions was the entry “portatifer-lautenslaher” (with numerous spelling variants) found on payment rolls and chronicals, telling us just how popular this “soft” musical ensemble was. What music did they play, what was their repertoire? Did they improvise, and how did they use existing vocal compositions and organ tablatures? Who were these people, what other instruments do they play? Well, this is what Duo PortaLauta aims to find out.


Quel fronte signorille in paradiso by Guillaume Du Fay

En avois in the Lochamer Liederbuch

Fiona Kizzie Lee (Organetto and recorder)

Asako Ueda (Lute)

from the Berlin Tablature (D-B theo. lat. quart. 290)

Asako Ueda (Gittern)

Fiona Kizzie Lee (Organetto)

De tous biens playne est ma maistresse

Fiona Kizzie Lee (Organetto)

Asako Ueda (Lute)

Se la face ay pale (Guillaume Dufay) 

Asako Ueda (Gittern)

Fiona Kizzie Lee (Organetto)

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