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The Amerbach Project
Das Projekt Amerbach

The Music Books from Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562)

Die Musikbücher von Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562)

The Amerbach project, in its initial stage, focuses on the Music Manuscripts and Prints owned by Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562), the well-esteemed humanistic Jurist in the early Renaissance Basel. The project scrutinises information on the man’s biography and his connections with the musical figures in the city and its vicinity hoping to create an impression of Amerbach’s musical life and the music-making scene in his circles. 

Project leader and researcher: Fiona Kizzie Lee

Das Projekt Amerbach fokussiert sich in seiner Anfangsphase auf die Musikbücher von Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562), ein während der frühen Renaissance in Basel überaus bekannter humanistischer Jurist. Das Projekt untersucht eingehend die Biografie von Bonifacius sowie seine Korrespondenz mit den musikalischen Figuren in der Stadt und ihrer Peripherie, mit dem Ziel, einen Eindruck vom musikalischen Leben Amerbachs und vom Musizieren in seinem Umfeld zu erstellen. 

Projektleitung und Forschungen: Fiona Kizzie Lee


Portrait of Bonifacius Amerbach,

Hans Holbein the Younger (1519)

New Amerbach Concert poster.jpg

First concert of the Project:

4th November 2020 19:00 St Theodorskirche, Basel

With this programme, we feature some of the star manuscripts from the Basel intellectual community, which are important witnesses of the early Humanistic Basel, the blossom of the Tenorlied repertoire and the prominent group of German/Swiss keyboard Tablatures. Our programme selects songs from a keyboard Tablature (CH-Bu F IX 22) and a set of Songbooks (CH-Bu F X 1-4), both items owned by Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562), a renowned Jurist in the first half of the sixteenth-century Basel. Amerbach, besides excelling in his own discipline, was a Humanist with good knowledge of the ancient languages and the arts, as well as a keen amateur musician who was connected with the city and its vicinity’s best music elites. These two irreplaceable manuscripts contain a large amount of unica pieces, which preserves the precious repertoire of Tenorlied and the Isaac/Senfl generation up to this date. 

Amy Farnell, Arthur Wilkens _ Voice

Emma-lisa Roux _ Lute

Fiona Kizzie Lee _ Recorder, Clavicytherium, Voice, Director

Helen Glock, Maruša Brezavšček _ Recorder

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